Ease of Use
10 of 10

It should be quick and straightforward for you to make changes to the content on your site after publishing it. Sanity gives you the benefits of page builders without limiting where your content can go.

Sanity supports localization, language translations and allows you to preview everything before publishing.


10 of 10

A content management system should allow coworkers from anywhere to work together. A good CMS also includes versioning to allow admins to review and roll back content changes. Sanity shines in this regard with real-time collaboration and visual cues. No locking or overwriting, just sane content editing.

Search Engine Optimization
9 of 10

Search Engine Optimization is essential to give your business visibility. More traffic is more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. Sanity’s SEO Tools uses YoastSEO.js bringing the familiarity of Yoast SEO into Sanity.

We give SEO a 9 out of 10 due to the additional times it takes to configre for each project. Don’t worry, each project comes with SEO Tools configured and ready to go.

Sanity SEO

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