Over 5 years
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In 2018, ManifestFTS was hired to create a one-page marketing site for Barclay Rex and a separate site for the cigar club. In June 2018, Manifest started working with Vanessa Nastri to create a WordPress website that could be managed internally. We have been partnering with Barclay Rex to implement eCommerce to complement the physical storefronts ever since.

Services And Software Used in 2018:

Olver versions of the Barclay Rex website.

the Reach

Before 2018, Barclay Rex was limited to selling in NYC only, out of physical locations. The challenge of moving into eCommerce included finding an online payment service built for the added tax requirements for tobacco sales. The WordPress web application built in 2018 was a marketing landing page and, eventually, a blog and online reservations platform.

2022 saw an evolution in the web platform as ManifestFTS rebuilt the website on the Strapi API-First CMS with integrated SnipCart eCommerce. This allowed Barclay Rex to add and manage inventory internally, including local pickup or shipping options. Barclay Rex could reach and engage with patrons across the continental United States for the first time.

We succeeded in creating a space where Barclay Rex could bring together 100 years of loyal customers and convey the brand’s history to a new digital audience.

Quantifying Results.
Data-Driven Success.

Barclay Rex is continuing to expand their eCommerce product lists. Vanessa Nastri confirmed that they had seen a 10% increase in sales since the opening of their eCommerce store. She is confident that with continued marketing efforts, the transition into eCommerce will continue to build on the success of the past 111 years.

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Technology Stack and Implementations

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Creating a seamless and effective eCommerce platform for Barclay Rex required an ensemble of cutting-edge technological tools, carefully curated for maximum efficiency.

Data & Design

Our collaboration with Barclay Rex allowed us to use the power of Strapi, an open-source headless CMS. This became the heart of Barclay Rex’s content management system, enabling them to swiftly make edits and manage their content with ease and precision. Strapi ensured information was secure yet accessible, revolutionizing their ability to manage website copy changes.

In synergy with Strapi, SnipCart’ capabilities streamlined Barclays’ online sales, making purchasing their signature tobacco products a breeze. From a simple click, customers could now order products and even reserve lounge spots through OpenTable, offering a truly integrated and dynamic shopping experience.

For design and conceptualization, we employed Adobe Creative Suite, leveraging its wide array of tools to shape a visually appealing and user-friendly digital interface.

Development & Hosting

Our team utilized the potent combination of React, Next.js, and TailwindCSS for the frontend development, bringing together responsiveness, scalability, and aesthetics. These powerful frameworks helped us create a robust, future-proof online presence that not only serves current needs but is also geared for growth.

Hosting is crucial in ensuring a smooth user experience, and that’s where Vercel and Heroku stepped in. These platforms deliver a seamless and reliable hosting solution, ensuring the Barclay Rex website is always accessible and performs optimally, regardless of traffic volume.

Overall, our technological stack was a meticulously chosen assortment of powerful tools, each playing a crucial role in transforming Barclay Rex’s digital presence and eCommerce capabilities.

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